Plantation Shutters For Sliding Doors

While it is always challenging knowing exactly what type of window treatment to install on sliding doors, there are many options available, including plantation shutters but may not be good for your fireplace doors. This is a real plus if you have or are thinking about installing plantation shutters, yet were not sure if you could install them over sliding doors. There are three main configurations for installing plantation shutters over sliding doors.

Bi pass shutters are great to install when dealing with limited space. Just like sliding closet doors, the shutters are installed so that they run back and forward across the window, sliding with ease on an overhead track. Double tracks need to be installed, sometimes triple tracks can also be installed depending on the variety of ways you want your shutters to open.  If you have times when you want the shutters to clear the doors completely you can extend the tracks to the side of the window thus allowing the shutters to be pulled back to where they rest in front of the wall, leaving a clear view through the sliding glass doors.

Bifold shutters are hinged so that the shutters fold in on each other. Shutters can run on an overhead track, which is helpful if additional stability is needed; for example if you have large doors.  These will simply fold back to the side of the windows. If you want to be able to fold the shutters back so they sit against the wall on either side of the door you cannot run them on tracks.  Normally the shutters will open up to the two sides of the door, however it is possible to buy shutters that fold accordion style to one side of the door only. These must have an overhead track installed.

Know the benefits of using plantation shutters for sliding doors.

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The more traditional style used is the T-Fold style. With this style a T post is fitted vertically in the middle section of the doors, and one individual shutter is hinged to the outer frame with the other hinged to the T post so the shutters simply swing open from the middle.

Each style has its own merits and your choice of which style to use should be based on how you want to access the sliding door and how much of the door and window area you want to be able to expose. It could even match the country home decor that you have. You may have to order specific types from a shutters dealer, as opposed to buying Lowes or Home Depot plantation shutters, as they may need to be custom made.

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