Pink Lampshade For The Girls

Decorating your home in marvelous shades of pink is a terrific idea or for the more conservative who only want to play around a little; little being the operative word here, with the color before going overboard why not just add pink lampshades to your existing lamp bases and see how this attractive color will work towards enhancing your home and its features. Of course if bold pinks are too much, you could always try lampshades in pink patterns and prints choosing the amount of pink you will be comfortable with.

After adding lampshades and you feel that you like the effect the color creates in your home, add one or two pink rugs. Add softer pinks first as compared to the darker and louder shades; the darker shades may not always blend in with your other furnishing. On adding the rugs, if you feel that you can deal with more pink, add plain pink fabric or pink lace trimmings to your existing window curtains and you will end up with a simple, yet lovely pink themed room. What this color does to most homes is it bring out the home’s softness and feminine features, making the overall effect very stunning, understated and pretty.

Putting a pink lampshade in your girl's bedroom.

flickr by photos from the old lamp shed

If you really want to go overboard, you can; it is your home after all and if you do it properly you can use a lot of pink and still not feel overwhelmed. Simplest way to do this is to use pastel colours for the color of your walls. If your walls are a pale color other than pink, you can add almost any other accessory you feel like in pink. For instance you can add pink bedding, pink rugs and even pink electronic gadgets like mobile phones and stands, pink wall decor and soft pink couches to your existing pink themed room. You can also go with loud and attractive pink lampshades and these will add to the overall effect of the pink room.

You however need to stop while you are ahead as too much will definitely become a problem for you later on as too much of anything is not very appealing. What once felt like creative genius will end up giving you headaches. It may be very attractive in movies and shopping malls, but living with an overload of any color has an adverse effect as instead of calming your nerves, it will tend to get on it.

Source: Chandeliers For You