Finding The Right Patio Door Window Treatments

Patio doors are a wonderful light source in a room. They can make the room seem so much larger, and invite the outdoors in. They can also be hard to decorate around. Window treatments for large doors can be especially problematic.

Choose the best patio door window treatments.

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The good news is that there are many options available to frame or shade any patio door. It all depends on your style and what you are looking for.

Patio door window blinds
are readily available and open and close easily as well as allow for freedom of movement through the doors. This option also allows as much or as little of the door to be uncovered as you like. There are many choices for colors and textures in vertical blinds, and many pricing options, depending on the material the blinds are constructed from.

A second option would be a Roman style shade that opens from bottom to top. This could be made in one large piece that covers both sides, or in two individual panels that allow one side to be raised while the other remains lowered. These are available in an even wider array of fabric options and colors then vertical blinds, but the base price can be slightly more expensive.

What if you do not want to cover your patio door at all, but simply want to frame it? Then, perhaps, a cornice is what you are looking for. These can often be made from a fabric of your choosing, at a local upholstery shop. All you need is the door frame measurements. This option allows the most freedom for you to design your own look. You get to pick the fabric, the color, the shape, and the texture of the cornice. You can have panels on the sides or not, if you like. The choices are unlimited, and completely up to you. You can match the color of your treatments to the color of your patio furniture cushions and other items you have in your patio.

So, go ahead, have fun creating a look that is especially yours. Design your patio door to fit your room and your style.