Outdoor Kitchens – Pros And Cons Of Outdoor Stainless Steel Cabinets

When dealing with outdoor kitchens, you will find there are many ways to go as far as design and construction method. There are a lot of items you can place in your outdoor kitchen that gives it a great look. There are outdoor wicker furniture or other wooden furniture, outdoor cushions, coffee tables, an outdoor sconce and a lot more. One type of cabinetry that is becoming more popular are outdoor stainless steel cabinets. There are definite pros and cons with using this material in your outdoor kitchen, and you should really examine all of both before making your decision. While stainless cabinets look great when new and polished, they are easily scratched.

One of the nice things about this kind of cabinet is that you can compartmentalize the building of your outdoor kitchen. Same as planning for your fireplace designs, you have to consider few things. It’s safety, durability and its look.¬†These cabinets usually are available in sections, and depending on how much room you have, you can mix and match different sections in order to get the number of small drawers, large drawers, open door spaces, etc, that you want. This is appealing to many people because there are some kinds of outdoor kitchen cabinets that are basically a large box with just open space underneath. If you want drawers or shelves in that type of cabinetry, you have to add stainless components that give you what you are looking for in the way of organized storage.

Outdoor stainless steel cabinets are for outdoor kitchens.

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One of the drawbacks of stainless as your cabinet material is the cost associated with it. Stainless steel is not cheap, and when you consider that these cabinets are made from 304 stainless, which is the grade of stainless that will not rust, the price goes up even more. This is offset a little by the fact you don’t have to buy extra stainless components like drawers and doors as they are already included. But this type of cabinet choice, especially in a large outdoor kitchen, can really drive up cost.

If you have children, or will be entertaining children on a regular basis, keep in mind stainless is easily scratched and dented. Small scratches can really add up over time and make what was a pretty expensive outdoor kitchen look, well, not so nice. between the ease of scratching and the need for a constant going over with stainless polish, it is easy to see why many people get scared away from this type of outdoor cabinetry.

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