Outdoor Furniture Materials & Rattan Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture exists to suit almost any budget. For light, occasional use, you can even consider using camping furniture to get double the bang for your buck, but most people prefer the middle of the road between budget and quality. Design is also one major consideration. You choose for high quality and durability furnitures without compensating its design. It is just like choosing your fireplace designs. Same as your fireplaces and the guttering of your roof,  outdoor and kitchen furniture may be exposed to extreme heat and cold so you really have to choose the ones that are of good quality.

On the budget end we have plastics, with inexpensive items that serve basic functionality made of clearly molded plastic, and higher quality plastics made to mimic the look of wood, metal, or even wicker. Cheaper furniture or plastic fencing, one piece molded plastic items tend to break down quickly when exposed to UV rays and are entirely unusable in cold weather, which causes them to shatter. Higher end plastic, particularly items made to look like wood, use a more robust version which is longer lasting and cold resistant.

Rattan outdoor furniture is good for your patio.

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Next in line is the time tested classic of wooden outdoor items, which range from relatively inexpensive softwoods like cedar, and go up in price to quality hardwoods like oak and maple. Ensure that any wooden furniture you buy has been preferably made from treated lumber, or at least properly coated with outdoor varnish and lacquer. A subgenre of wooden furniture is wicker, with the higher quality in that category being rattan, as opposed to cheaper woods like bamboo. Rattan furniture like a rattan garden glider bench has the benefit of being strong and attractive at the same time. Aside of being durable, outdoor wicker furniture and other wooden furniture are good to look at especially with outdoor cushions or patio furniture cushions. It is also good during evening with your outdoor sconce lighting up.

Metal furniture has also long been a popular choice for higher quality outdoor furniture. When properly painted or powder coated to lock out moisture, metal pieces can last for many years. It is also popular for metal items to combine the use of other complimentary materials – for example, a Victorian style wrought iron bench with wooden crossbeams is a timeless favorite. Another example would be a metal frame to support an outdoor glass table.

Exotic materials are also finding a home in the outdoor furniture market, such as fully glass tables and chairs as well as ceramics. While these items can be strong, be sure to ask the seller the maximum loads they can handle. Some artistic glass chairs, for example, can’t handle the weight of heavier persons, which could lead to an unfortunate accident. Though exotic materials for furniture may not be the height of practicality, they will certainly be a conversation piece.

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