Organize Your Clutter With Wall Mounted Shelves

A great way to display your beloved photos and books, and even hide wires, is to use wall mounted shelves. Wall mounted shelves can be decorative and functional ways to enhance your home and organize your clutter.

Wall mounted shelves for electronics are a very functional way to hide your wires and technology. Because televisions, DVD players and gaming systems come with so many wires and pieces, wall mounted shelves for electronics are a great way to hide these. The shelving units should have a hole in the back for wires to go through. This is not only functional it can also be more safe than having all of your expensive technology on display in your living area.

Choose the best design for your wall mounted shelves.

flickr by Wooden You Shelving

The most common type of wall mounted shelves is decorative wall mounted shelves. Decorative wall mounted shelves come in many different sizes, shapes and colors. They are a great way to add color to any room and display your beautiful photos and books. Some decorative wall mounted shelves can take up an entire wall, some sit nicely in a corner and some are level shelving units.

Types of decorative wall mounted shelves are wall mounted glass shelves. Wall mounted glass shelves can make the objects on the shelf appear as if they are floating in air. This can modernize a room quickly. Just be careful in hanging glass shelves and note any weight restrictions. Also, you may want to hang glass shelving higher than other decorative wall mounted shelves since people are less likely to see them and more likely to run into them.

Wall mounted shelves are an affordable and easy way to organize any room. It can also quickly change the look of the room. They can be used in any room, from a formal living room, to a small bathroom.