No More Squeaking From Oak Flooring

A lot of people are greatly bothered by the squeaking noise that occasionally comes with using oak floors or other types of plank hardwood flooring in their homes. Contrary to popular opinion, however, this squeaking problem isn’t impossible to solve.

How to Remedy the Squeaking Problem with Oak Floors Flooring

Not all the solutions listed below may be applicable in your case. You would have to first consider your home’s design and structure as certain designs would prevent, for instance, access to your flooring’s sub-floors. Other factors to consider include but aren’t limited to the supplies and tools you prefer to work with as well as your level of knowledge and expertise in DIY home carpentry.

The beauty of having oak wood flooring.

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Use talcum powder. This is the easiest solution of all. Talcum powder may be purchased from your local grocery or hardware store. Maybe you even have it already in your home. In any case, the important thing to remember here is that using talcum power is only effective for getting rid of small or moderate squeaking noise. Extremely loud squeaking would require a more serious or permanent remedy.

To apply talcum powder, simply sweep a good amount of it on top of the affected area, making sure to have the powder swept into your flooring’s grooves. Afterwards, use a rubber mallet to pound the affected areas in order for the powder to settle more securely in place. Make one last sweep for scattered powder to settle into place and to clean the affected areas.

Start shimming. If talcum powder doesn’t do the trick, you might need to shim your floors from below. But this can only be done if you can reach the sub-boards of your flooring. You will also have to insert the necessary amount or number of wedges between them until the squeaking is completely gone.
Please be aware that for floating and glued down oak floors flooring with squeaking problems, the remedies above are not be applicable.