My Refrigerator Is not Cold! What to Do?

Keeping your foods well preserved and refrigerated is something that anyone would want to ensure. And to do this, one needs to have a reliable and high quality refrigerator to depend on, a refrigerator that can ensure you a well optimized cooling performance and high energy efficiency rating. As an indispensable appliance, no household can live off without a fridge. But then again, most of the household settings are no strange to common refrigerator problems, and one of these common fridge problems has to do with temperature controls.

My refrigerator is not cold, or not cold enough! So then how do you go about it? To better understand this problem you need to get to know some of the possible reasons. The following below are some of the key points that led to your fridge not being cold, or cold enough.

o Be sure that your fridge is plugged on.
o Sometimes, the dust at the back of your refrigerator hampers the cooling performance of your fridge. So you may want to consider brushing off the dust and dirt at the back of the fridge (make sure you turn off the fridge for safety).
o The compressor may not be getting proper air flow so clean the back of the fridge.
o The freezer coils could be blocked with frost especially if the defrost system isn’t working at all.
o The condenser fan or the freezer fan can be badly stuck.
o If the refrigerant has leaked, then the fridge will not cool at all. You better call the professional.
o This could be a serious compressor problem, a compressor malfunction that only an appliance repair technician can fix.

If the refrigerator problem goes beyond the first two reasons, then it’s always a good idea to consult a repair professional. Sometimes, the technician will recommend you the necessary parts needed for replacement, while in worst cases, he or she may tell you to buy a new one because fixing the old one’s going to be impractical.