Mirrored Furniture: Hollywood Reminiscent

Although you may not be a movie star or a famous rock star legend, that should not stop you from decorating your home reminiscent of the glamorous Hollywood of yesterday. Nostalgia, recaptured through design, is steadily gaining popularity as individuals are remembering and identifying with this style’s combination of classic elegance and contemporary lines. Decorating your home with mirror furniture is an absolute must when trying to capture the glamour and extravagance prevalent in this style.

mirrored furnitureLuxurious fabrics with splashes of gold, sparkle and glitter, lined with baubles and rich in color are all definitive of the old Hollywood style. Many elements from this style of design is inspired from the art deco era. Art deco for the home is known for its fun use of bold geometric patterns and ornate designs as well as for being eclectic whether it is in accessories, furnishings or wall hangings. By bringing in art deco mirrored furniture into your home, you can capture the flavor of these days gone by while spicing up the flavor of your living areas. You can find these unique furniture pieces in a wide variety of styles ranging from more of a clean, classical look to a contemporary and edgy look. If your tastes tend to be more in line with soft elegance and classic, then you may prefer bringing white tables with clean lines or incorporating fabrics with a metallic luster into your room.

With just the right lighting, these items will cast a soft glow that will enhance the look of your design and will reflect the light throughout the space. If you like the idea of an old Hollywood look but still want a more modern feel, try darker items like black lacquer tables or exotic hardwoods to achieve the appearance without sacrificing the feel of your room still being contemporary.

A mirrored vanity table is the perfect addition if you want to take Hollywood-glam to your bedroom. This style of table is the optimal choice for any woman, whether dressing in today’s latest fashions or putting on her makeup. Some models come available with vanity bulbs outlining the edge of the mirror to enhance the feeling of being a star.

If you love the flair for the dramatic, adore the glitzy glamor reminiscent of old Hollywood and appreciate an eclectic and edgy interior design, then incorporating mirrored furniture into your home will help capture that art deco essence. With a well done design, you can be proud to display the superstar side of your personality with the look and feel of your home.