Maintaining Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Maintaining your wood kitchen cabinets isn’t just about cleaning them, it also involves small things you do here and there which may seem insignificant but truly do contribute in a very major way towards ensuring the long operational life and aesthetic value of the wood.

These additional tips can be used along with those in the first part of this article for best results:

1. Always wipe your cabinets down in the direction of the grain. Whether its simply dusting or polishing the wood, following the grain ensures no scratches are left and that every single nook and cranny is reached.

2. When you’re cooking, it is good practice to turn your kitchen fan on. This helps to diffuse smoke and rising grease which would otherwise settle on your wood storage cabinets and form a murky layer over the beautiful finish and ultimately, damage it. If you’re adding new steel storage cabinets to your kitchen, try to leave the area above the stove/cooker free. Don’t install any cabinets there as this position has too much heat, rising moisture from steam and cooking food over it.

3. You may not know it, but curtains, drapes, blinds or screens help protect your cabinets from harmful UV rays that come from the sun. If you do not want your beautiful paintwork or delicate finish to fade, invest in some form of protection over your windows during the day. Too much sun can also cause the wood to crack or warp over time.

4. Avoid placing wet items such as glasses, vases or plates on the cabinets’ surfaces. If you do, use a coaster to protect the wood.

5. Don’t form a habit of touching the cabinets with your bare hands. Use handles when opening or closing the doors to restrict the spread of skin oils which damage the finish on the wood.