Log Home Maintenance: Caring for Your Home

You should always be conscious with log home maintenance to prolong the life and beauty of your home. Just like any other dwelling, it requires a significant amount of upkeep and care. Aside from providing you and your loved ones with a beautiful home, you will also be helping keep its value, should you think of selling it in the future. Log homes are lovely to look at, but preserving that charming, rustic look may take some time and money. If you shower your home with loving care, it will also remain to be an extremely comfortable shelter for you.

Choosing a Log Home as Your Abode

For most home owners, they choose to build a log home because of the wonderful, welcoming, cozy feel that it projects. When you see a beautifully constructed log home, you immediately picture warm, comfortable nights by the fireplace, extremely inviting living areas, restful-looking bedrooms, and homey kitchens. You can picture a delightful country style feel that makes one immediately feel at home. You just want to kick off your shoes and sink into the plush-looking sofa surrounded by soft, attractive rugs. It has a classic appeal that withstands any change in trends. It is not too old-fashioned that it seems left behind by the current times. It is neither too modern that it looks too intimidating and unfamiliar to some people.

Caring for Your Log Home

When performing log home maintenance chores, remember to wear gloves when needed and to wear work clothes. You do not want your regular clothes bearing witness to all the home repair that you will be doing. Since your home will obviously be exposed to all sorts of weather conditions, it has to be treated with a special log stain. This is similar to the sunblock that you apply to your skin. To check whether your stain is still working, try spraying some of the logs with water. If the moisture beads up and rolls off easily, your stain is still effective. Regarding the type of stain you will use, some experts recommend oil-based stains as compared to water-based stains. It lasts longer, about five to seven years, while water-based stains may need to be reapplied after three to five years. It is also easier to handle because water-based stains tend to be too runny.

About twice a year, conduct a visual appraisal of the exterior of your home. If you spot any dark spots caused by rain splatters, you may use a water and bleach solution to gently brush it off. Allow the treated areas to dry before you stain them. You should also watch out for cracks that might get bigger, letting in water, the cold air, or even bugs. You can use caulk specially formulated for logs to seal off any cracks.

Taking care of your log home is just like caring for anything else that you own and want to last. Be sure to be updated on log home maintenance tips so that your attractive abode will continue to be safe and comfortable for you and your loved ones