LED Grow Lights Are For Indoor Gardening

When you decide to have an indoor garden, one of the first decisions you must make is deciding on a light source.  LED grow lights have become one of the more popular types of grow light.  Among the reasons for their growing popularity is that they don’t require a separate cooling system as most other types of grow lights do. We’ll examine this further, but first let’s look at some other reasons.

A good reason to choose LED grow lights over other types of grow lights is their greater efficiency.  An explanation of how plants use light will help make clear why this is so important.

When it comes to producing food, plants use part of the red-orange range of the spectrum, and for reproduction, they use part of the blue-violet range.  Most of the rest of the spectrum is not used.  Conventional LED grow lights produce light over a much greater range of the spectrum, and thus waste energy making light that is useless to the plant.  But what if you could design a light that only produces precisely those wavelengths of light that plants actually use?  Well, that’s exactly what researchers have been able to do.  LED lights can now be made that emit the exact colors of light that are wanted, and in the case of grow lights, it’s those two ranges mentioned earlier.

LED grow lights are good for indoor gardening.

flickr by mikeysklar

Another thing LED grow lights don’t waste energy making is heat.  At least not as much as other types of grow lights.  The heat that is made occurs in the base of the LED where it is not a danger to the plants.  Conventional grow lights produce a lot of heat and it is radiated outward onto the plants, where it tends to over dry them and can even burn them.  That’s why when using conventional grow lights a separate cooling fan system is needed to protect the plants.  This isn’t the case with LED grow lights.  Since they run cooler, they also save on watering costs.

LED grow lights also last a long time.  Far longer than any other light source.  Most will last anywhere from 25,000 to 100,000 hours, which is much longer than any other kind of grow light.

There is a downside to LED grow lights however.  They cost more than conventional types of grow lights.  But due to lower watering costs, the fact that there is no need for an additional cooling system, higher efficiency, and long life, in many instances the LED grow lights turn out to actually cost less in the long run.