Jazz Up Your Office With A Stylish Writing Desk

The traditional office desk is not very attractive. Fortunately, there is a snazzier alternative. Enter the writing desk. Like an office desk, the writing desk is specially designed for sit-down work, but it looks more stylish. In fact, in the earlier days of history, writing desks were common in most homes and offices. This is why many of today’s varieties take a more vintage design.

The Queen Anne writing desk is an example. As its name would indicate, its design is inspired by Queen Anne’s elegance and regality. The desk itself does not contain as much shelving as other versions, but aesthetically it is superior. It uses cherry wood as its main color, and gold coloring for any secondary elements. The overall design is a cross between a desk and a cabinet. Like a cabinet, it has shelving, but its height and middle portion are designed more like a desk. The Queen Anne writing desk also has curvilinear legs not seen on most desks or cabinets. This is about as far as it goes for elaborate design, as most Queen Anne writing desks are not meant to be gaudy.

Choose a good writing desk for your office and room.

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If you prefer something more glamorous, consider looking at some French writing desks. It looks similar to the English desk, except it is more decorative. It has a variety of finishing touches you might not find on a Queen Anne desk. For instance, the drawers might be designed with two or more different woods to give the desk more contrast. The desk might also have more options for storage and shelving. With the Queen Anne desk, there is very limited shelving, as that goes against the Queen Anne style and philosophy.

To get either of these desks, you are going to have to do some shopping around. There are many rip-offs, but if you want authentic furniture, you may have to attend auctions. This is not necessarily the case if you get a contemporary wooden writing desk. While such desks are still available at many auctions, since they have a contemporary design, they can easily be found at most furniture stores. You just have to decide which one you want, since their selection is often more vast than what you would find with antique writing desks.