Is An Antique Fireplace Screen The Right Choice For Me?

Before electricity, the hearth was the gathering spot for families enjoying  the fireplace’s warmth and light, in addition to each other’s company. To this day, many poems and stories use the hearth and home as a metaphor for a household’s well being. Though 21st century technology provides light and warmth to most homes through other means, the fireplace and its hearth still provide a similar feeling of comfort. There are many different accessories sold to make it easier to use, and more enjoyable to maintain. One of the most essential products is the antique fireplace screen. The primary purpose of this screen covering is to keep flames, embers, or sparks from flying out and harming children, pets, or flooring in the room. Fire screens are metal coverings that fit across fire opening. Since it is such a large noticeable part of the fireplace and hearth, these screens can be purchased to fit the particular décor of the home.

When shopping for a screen that will be ideal for your home, consider these important factors.
1. Decor – Whether you own a Cape Cod beach front bungalow or a Victorian Tudor cottage, there is a perfect fireplace covering for you. There are hundreds of styles to choose from; an antique fireplace screen enhances the colonial decor of a home just as an art deco fireplace screen is a great choice for the more modern home styling.
2. Size – There is no universal standard for the size of fireplace openings. Make certain to measure the length and width of your space before shopping. Add a couple of inches to your length and width for overlap. Some screens are rectangular, while the arched fireplace screen provides a distinctive look and shape to the fire screen.
3. Screen type – There are three main types of screens for your fire hearth. Those that permanently install across the fireplace opening, single panel screens that span the open firebox, and multi-panel screens, which offer an expanded more flexible screen placement.

With so many different products and styles to choose from, you will be sure to find the right look at an affordable price for you. These accessories to your hearth will provide form and function to your hearth for years to come. Screens can also be custom ordered at most stores where fire place equipment is sold.