Installing LCD Wall Mounts Isn’t That Hard

If you have worried about how to install a wall bracket for your large flat screen television, you do not have to worry.  Installing an LCD wall mount bracket is actually much easier than most home owners think.  When you take your time throughout the project, and ensure that you have everything you need, as well as each step being completed properly, you will be able to enjoy your flat screen on the wall within just a few hours.

Step 1: Make Sure You Have What You Need

When you first receive the package, open it and look for the manufacturers list of parts that were supposed to be included.  Sometimes the manufacturers fail to get all of the parts you need into the packaging, which could have you running to the hardware store throughout the project in order to get it done properly.

Step 2: Find A Suitable Installation Location

Look at your wall and determine where you want to install the bracket.  You need to ensure that it is a permanent location because you will have to do repairs to the wall if you want to move it later on.

Installing LCD wall mounts shouldn't be so hard.

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Step 3: Install The Bracket To The Wall

Following the manufacturers recommended instructions, use the anchor bolts included in the kit to attach the bracket to studs inside of your wall.  You need to ensure that the anchor bolts are indeed in the studs and not attached to the drywall, or you could potentially damage your television when it hits the floor.

Step 4: Install The Bracket To Your TV

Most kits will require you to mount another bracket to the back of the television set.  Unless you purchased a kit that was designed for your specific television, you are going to need to attach the bracket securely to the television to prevent it from falling off of the wall bracket.

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