Hurricane Candle Holders- A Woman’s Perspective

What Makes Hurricane Candle Holders Unique?

Candle holders can take any shape, often becoming more artistic than the candle itself. For example wrought iron candelabras can be complex and magnificent works of art by themselves, only to be enhanced by the subtle glow of candlelight. However, elaborate candle holders can be expensive and bulky, when sometimes you will value simplicity and affordability. Anytime you have to create table centerpieces in volume, cost will always be a factor. No candle holder is as affordable, or easy to make your own than hurricane candle holders.

Cheap hurricane candle holders can be used for anything from a dinner in at home, to a large banquet or event. Their simple shape makes it easy to insert candles or ornaments to make them your own. In general, the glass candle holders come in one of three shapes.

  • Cylinder – Traditional hurricane holders are nothing more than a wide glass cylinder made perfectly for a pillar candle to slide in.
  • Bulb – For an added flare or formal twist, many hurricane candle holders bulge outwards at the center to create a dramatic reflection of the candlelight.
  • Lantern – Perfect for outdoor events or restaurant patio tables. Protects the candle from being blown out by the wind.
When shopping for hurricane candle holders, pick those that fit your room.

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Benefits And Alternative Applications

Some of the benefits of hurricane candle holders are obvious such as the weather protection from lantern styles. However there are some advantages you may not have thought of. For example, hurricane candle holders make your centerpieces much safer, protecting guests from an open flame when there are large crowds of people. Secondly, they make cleaning up dripped wax a breeze by containing it in one easy to clean place. However, they are also very versatile decorations. For example, filling them will water and placing a few floating pool candles can transform any hurricane candle holder into a dazzling centerpiece that will shock your guests.