Hunter 44550 Auto Save 7 Day Thermostat

The Hunter 44550 Auto Save 7 Day Programmable Thermostat is one of the best value thermostats currently on the market. It combines all the most important features of a programmable thermostat with an Energy Star approval, and all for $40.

The Hunter 44550 unit is capable of controlling heating only, cooling only, furnaces, gas fire places, central air and single stage heat pumps. It is a unit with an attractive indiglo digital display. The buttons for programming are hidden behind a panel.

The thermostat under review has 4 periods to program for each day of the week. This is in line with the best programmable thermostats and guarantees that the homeowner can maximize the savings possible by better climate control. Programming is straight forward as is installation.

The Hunter 44550 is capable of cycling the fan and uses PID technology to make sure the set point is reached by the start of a new programmed period. The unit also has an adjustable swing control that lets the user set up a range within which the thermostat doesn’t activate the heating or cooling. This stops the irritation of the HVAC clicking on and off constantly and stops the furnace etc. from prematurely wearing out.

For convenience there is a temporary hold button to suspend settings and a vacation mode to allow people to leave home without re-programming. It is interesting to note that more expensive Honeywell thermostats such as the RTH7600D do not have a vacation mode.

When the seasons change the Hunter 44550 notices the alteration in temperature and automatically makes the switch between heating and cooling (or vice versa).

All this means that once the Hunter 44550 is programmed the user need not worry about making changes, unless they feel they want to reduce set points to make extra savings on utility bills.

The Hunter 44550 comes with a 1 year warranty and it is possible to read many positive reviews of the Hunter 44550 Auto Save on several internet sites. If a person wants to save money on HVAC bills but doesn’t have much seed money this is the unit.