How To Use Funny Decals & Wall Quotes To Decorate Your Home

Add humor and surround your homes with laughter using funny decals. They are made out of vinyl and looks painted on but are actually detachable and it doesn’t dent on surfaces. Using funny decals is a smart and fun way of decorating; it is perfect on smooth surfaces like wood, plastic, metal, glass, fiber glass, glass etc.

Funny decals are all die-cut and made in any length, they come in a variety of colors, styles and fonts. The best thing about the funny decals is that they can be customized but there are also predesigned items as well that would be perfect as a country home decor. Funny decals are available in words, jokes, phrases, sayings, quotes and images as well. It would be a great idea to have them decorated in a kid’s room or even a nursery, but you can always have them placed in the kitchen or breakfast nook, bathroom especially at your pine wardrobes, living room, the dining area, your home office if you have one or thinking of having one, also in the guest room or the master’s suite to cheer you up.

Funny decals are becoming popular these days, not only do they apply to homes but they also apply to other establishments, like schools and hospitals. Businesses now a days humor their way out by using funny decals as part of their advertising campaigns.

Wall Quotes

Are you having trouble decorating your walls? Wall quotes might just be the perfect solution to your problem. This design innovation is definitely affordable, fast and easy and will surely beautify and liven up your walls in minutes. Like the decals, these vinyl wall quotes comes off when you wish to. But they look hand-painted on, you can also find a glossy or a matte finish wall quotes. These wall quotes also come in different sizes, colors, fonts and styles.

Using wall quotes is a perfect way to welcome your guests into your homes as well, and they would really look good in the dining area where the family and guests gather most of the time. But then again your options are limitless you can place them in any part of the house.


Decorating houses is definitely an essential, not only does it beautifies your home but it helps you to organize things and it also promotes harmony. Decorating gives a statement; it speaks for the house and the people who live in the house. Decorating definitely makes a house a home.

When searching for funny decals that suit your house.

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Things to consider when decorating . . .

  1. Choose a style, among the common decorating styles are:
  • country

–          a more laid-back lifestyle

  • contemporary

–          its about functionality and convenience and lighting is very important

  • oriental

–          minimalism, a trend these days in interior designing

  • urban

–          important elements: stainless steel, open ceiling, houseplants and wall art.

  1. Think of a color scheme, would you go for something formal where everything matches from the dining to the living room, or would you go for something informal.
  2. Save up and go green!

–          Look for an alternative for everything.

–          Visit yard sales for furniture and home accessories, it also pays to look at the classified ads.

–          Be craft-smart, create and build your home accessories from scratch, if your not so crafty, you can surf the net, watch tv, or buy a book for some do-it-yourself projects.

–          Make do with what you have, rebuild, repurpose, repaint and recycle.

–          Use environmental-friendly paints.  Painting your home is one of the most cost effective and most popular ways to decorate.

–          For curtains: Go for the ones made out of natural fibers and that are light in color.

–          For tips on flooring:  renewable wood flooring is expensive but will save you money in the long run, but if wood is out of the budget you can also use laminate flooring.

–          Remember to think twice and be wise on your decisions when it comes to purchases that involve a lot of money just like flooring and window treatments.

You can check out this website for the latest interior design trends this 2010.

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