How To Select A Foam Futon Mattress

Every decision we make big or small does have consequences either good or bad. Especially  do we need to evaluate and make a wise decision when it comes to purchasing any item for  our homes. So before you go and buy a foam futon matress, there area few tips you should remember before making your choice. The list below can be priceless tool to ensure you get the best quality  for your money.

Check the material. Futons can be made of quite a number of materials including cotton, foam, polyester or wool. Others are made from a combination of  any of the two. Your choice would widely depend on the kind of texture or degree of softness you intend to acquire. If for example  you prefer a super soft mattress, the cotton-wool combination would suit you best.

foam futons are great at home - futon mattresses made of foam are some of the most comfortable futons around

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  1. Try it out yourself. Get on the futon and spread yourself the way you would when sleeping, also try shifting positions. You shouldn’t be able to feel any springs or lumps as this would mean your weight isn’t right for the futon and you should try something firmer.
  2. Check the frame. You should be particularly interested in the futon’s frame iif you intend to use it as a couch or chair aside from bed. Many recommend using frames made of yellow pine since it is very durable and ideal for multi-purpose futons.
  3. Check the thickness. It is advisable to only consider a futon which is 6 inches thick, anything thinner  than that would probably be uncomfortable so don’t even consider anything thinner.

With those tips in your mind, you should be able to get the best foam futon mattress out there. If you still need more information or have any doubts, postpone your purchasing until  you’ve cleared your mind. Being well-informed before buying will ensure you don’t have any regrets afterward.

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