How To Grow Onions

The growth of onions from seeds can be difficult and frustrating for beginners to grow their own vegetables, especially in the colder regions of the US, which is why many people prefer to buy them from stores.

One thing you can try out is to grow them from the so-called “sets.” Most “sets” are small immature onions which are already partially cultivated and wholesaler specialized seeds and are available for sale to gardeners who can grow them next year with older plants. While all plants need good quality, well-drained soil, sets are far less demanding and their sale is on the rise as these are ideal for beginners in gardening and people who want to grow their own vegetables. This is an important thing to consider when you are harvesting onions.

They are well suited for growing in the soil which has plenty of manure in it. Once the manure is dug in then you need to slope the top layer of soil if possible.
After purchasing the onion sets, which are readily available from garden centers, the sets can be planted in mid-March to mid-April, about 4 inches apart in the row, with 8-9 cm distance between rows. Plant them outside and just make a small hole in the ground, then put them into the hole so that the growing tip lies just below the surface, and then place the soil around it. Then make sure that they are better watered. This is also similar to garlic growing.

Keep the weeds around them to a minimum because they do not like their roots to be disturbed. They can be harvested in August and September, as soon as the leaves turn yellow. They can simply be lifted off the ground. Then, you should leave them to dry for approximately 2 to 4 weeks. You can do this by hanging a piece of rope in your house or tying strings and leave them to dry.