How To Get Rid Of Mold Naturally

Mold thrives in places that are damp and dark, but they can also live fine almost anywhere in the house.  Normally mold can be found where wetness is; in basements, on shower curtains, bathrooms, and even refrigerators.  These places are widely known to be holding mold.

A random question could be, how do we figure out how to get rid of mold? Some people believe that bleach is a good approach to getting rid of mold.  Unfortunately, bleach is also an extremely harsh chemical, that combined with the wrong chemicals, can also be deadly.  Others might say that sprays for killing mold would be the way to go.  While these do the job for the most part, these sprays are also made from toxic chemicals that are not good for the environment and are especially unsafe for our family, kids and pets. They can also be expensive.

A good method to getting rid of mold while not putting ourselves and the environment at risk is to focus on natural attempts that are also very pocket friendly. For instance, both baking soda and vinegar are great and natural products for getting rid of mold problems quickly and completely, even on surfaces that are hard.

Remove molds by using the proper materials.

flickr by Brian Negus

All that needs to be done is to spray the vinegar on the affected area, add in some baking soda, and wait until the mix stops bubbling.  Once it is done, grab a rough sponge or scrubber, and commence the cleaning.  Afterwards, make sure that the area scrubbed and cleaned with the mixture is then rinsed with warm water.

If having sensitive skin is an issue, make sure to wear gloves because vinegar, while non-toxic, can irritate some peoples’ skin.  Depending on how well-developed the mold is, the cleaning may have to be repeated to get rid of all the mold on that area.

If there is mold on the carpet, soak the carpet area in the baking soda and vinegar mixture and then rub thoroughly. The rug will need to most likely be lifted to see how far the mold has gone through.  If a wide area of the carpet is affected by mold, it will probably need to be replaced.

There is no sure-fire method to getting rid of all mold in the house, but the mold can be kept to a minimum by regularly cleaning areas that are predisposed to mold. How to get rid of mold can be a difficult task for people, however, baking soda and vinegar can do the trick.