How To Get Closet Organizing Accomplished

One of the easiest things to do is mess up a closet. Too often we are in a hurry or simply have run out of room for any more belongings. The sad part is much of what is in our closets now could be donated or organized in a way that keeps it neat and easy to find. Closet organization doesn’t have to be stressful or costly if you go about it the right way and use the right tools.


The first order of business is to clean out your closet completely. Start with a clean empty closet so you can arrange it in a way that is beneficial to you. This is a good time to group items together so you can establish a place for them in the closet and uniformly put them back. If you have a lot of items that you never plan on wearing or they simply don’t fit donate them or sell them at a yard sale. Heck give them to a friend or family member so long as you get them out of your closet. I always rummage through my closet twice a year to see if there is anything I really won’t wear again.


If you don’t already have a closet organizer in your home then you need to invest in one. Research closet organization systems online by going to ClosetMaid or Rubbermaid online. They both have interactive closet design tools that allow you to put in your closet dimensions and decide what style system will work for your closet. closet organizing ideas are always easier to accomplish with the right closet organizer in place. If you have a walk in closet with a lot of space then you can utilize multiple closet tools such as shelving, drawers, racks and bins. Smaller sized closets tend to be a little tricky but remember going vertical is always a safe bet. Closet shelves, rods and storage cubes are perfect for smaller sized closets.


If you run out of room completely then look at purchasing a wardrobe closet. Wardrobe closets can be portable or freestanding like a wooden armoire in your bedroom. They not only function as a closet but also give the room a certain decor. I personally went the cheaper route and opted for portable wardrobe closets which allowed me to store seasonal items in my attic. This allowed me to free up valuable closet space but also keep my valuables in a fresh mold free portable closet.