How To Dress Up Your Cheap Curtains

Just because you are on limited budget doesn’t mean your home decor has to reflect it.  Window treatments can run into costs, but with the right attitude and a little effort, you can add flair to your cheap curtains.  Look online and browse through sites dedicated to modern curtains to get an idea for a look that you can recreate with what you already have, or can get for a few dollars in most hardware stores.

Start by taking a look at your existing curtains and how they suit the room they are hanging in.  Generally, longer curtain lengths add formality to a room, while shorter lengths open up space and makes it more cheerful. Thus, you will want to use your floor-length curtains for the living room, and other areas you use for entertaining.  Curtains that go up the height of the window sill will look its best in the kitchen and other family areas like the playroom.

Next, study your curtain, and note the material used and the style.  Is the fabric sheer or thick?  Often, cheap curtains are made of sheer materials.  One way that you can make cheap curtains look more expensive is to add a lining to it.  The lining will add substance to the curtain, resulting in richer-looking folds.  Lining material does not need to be expensive.  In fact, if you have some old flat sheets in a neutral shade, you can whip out your sewing machine and simply attach them to the back of your curtain panels.

Cheap Curtains - You Can Make Them Work!

Cheap Curtains - You Can Make Them Work!

Look at how your curtain attaches to the rod.  If the curtain rod attaches to it by grommets or tabs, then the curtain rod is visible when the panel is hung.  You can buy a remnant piece from a fabric store at a cheap price and use it as swag or valance.  Brocades and silks are not that expensive when marked down as remnants, and you can probably score a good length at your local market.  There are lots of instructional videos and guides online that you can check to learn how to drape a valance.

If your curtains are not really meant for a formal look, you can use a length of colourful silk ribbon as a tieback and embellish it with a bunch of artificial flowers.  Or use a brooch for a bohemian touch.  Look around the house to see what could work, and simply use whatever materials you have on hand.

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