How To Choose The Right Handicap Shower Stalls For Your Needs

Basically, handicap shower enclosures are specially modified to serve a specific purpose. They are different from a standard shower and they technically function to make the life or the showering experience for that matter of the disabled individual an easier experience. Handicap shower stalls have shower grab bars along the shower sides to allow safer entry or leaving the shower. It also has doors larger than the regular shower stall for easy access and they are sometimes installed with a teak shower bench. Teak shower benches are very useful for individuals who prefer to sit down while showering because perhaps standing up will be too much for them.

Today, most shower stalls available in the market are ADA approved. This means that they have been inspected to make sure that they provide the handicap individual the most convenient and accessible showering experience possible. If you run a public facility like a hospice or elderly facility, you need to make sure that your shower stalls follow the ADA guidelines and it ADA approved.

Shopping for the right items if you plan putting handicap shower stalls.

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The most important feature of handicap shower stalls is that the entrance of the shower stall should be accessible as much as possible. Not all people can handle a small entrance where in they have to step over in order to enter the enclosure. People who are confined in a wheelchair will have a difficult time entering this type of shower stall and they would need a shower ramp for easy entry. This means that you have to choose a handicap shower stall that would fit the specific needs of the handicap individual.

If you are looking for handicap shower stall, then you should know that the handicap access industry has a wide variety of designs and styles. You need to understand the difference between these styles. This way, you will be able to make an informed decision when purchasing your handicap shower stall.