How My Memory Foam Mattress Topper Makes Me Feel Comfortable

Memory foam is a unique material that conforms to your body allowing you to get restful and comfortable nights sleep.  It reacts to your weight and body temperature in a way that no other foam can.  The secret to memory foams comfort lies in the composition of its cells.  This great invention, thought up by NASA, has become a fast selling product that is helping people all over the world.  Just as the thickness of the insulation should be a concern when we buy houses, the thickness of a mattress topper should also be weighed in any purchasing decision.

Think Donuts

When you think of how well your memory foam mattress topper works and wonder how, think “donut.” The cells, called open cells, are like donuts in shape with a hole in them. When you lie what you are sure is the best memory foam mattress topper in the world, the cells compress and spread their energy to the other cells around them. These other cells do the same, dispersing your body’s weight throughout as many cells that are needed. It is the holes in the cells that allow the memory foam mattress topper to do this. No other foam in the world can achieve this kind of weight displacement.

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Think Pressure Points

What this all means is the memory foam mattress topper double or single layer will relieve the pressure from the points of your body that other mattresses do not. It conforms even to the pressure points to continue to allow circulation. Other foam just cannot displace the weight and they put more pressure on those pressure points, making you uncomfortable and even causing pain at some point.

Think Love

The memory foam mattress topper reviews all pretty much read the same. The world loves memory foam for comfort and the alleviation of pain and now you know why. Open cells make all the difference in the weight disperse department. The denser the cells, the more support you get. The more open the cells are the more air can flow through your memory foam mattress topper.