How Is Lawn Aeration Good For My Lawn?

There are a myriad of reasons why lawn aeration benefits the soil and the grass. On top of that, using a lawn aerator to aerate your lawn can be a lot of fun. Absolutely the best way to aerate is with a gas powered commercial lawn aerator. This will allow you to aerate your lawn in about 30 minutes.

Lawn aeration benefits your lawn by strengthening the roots of your grass and allowing the lawn to grow greener and healthier with less water. In addition, aeration also softens your soil. If you have hard clay soil that becomes compacted as the soil becomes too hot or too cold, then you can avoid this compaction by having your lawn aerated on a regular basis. For most lawn, it is required that you aerate your lawn once every three years. Some lawns will require that you aerate your lawn more often.

Another reason why lawn aerating benefits the soil is that it helps to reduce compaction before it began. This is done by removing cores out of the lawn. This space is filled up when the soil expands, but it does so without compacting the soil. The benefit of less compacted soil is that it does not put as much stress on the root system. Since the top of the grass mirrors the help of the roots, healthy roots lead to a healthy grass plant that grows and develops fully. Compacted roots will often lead to stubby grass that does not grow well. By aerating your lawn you not only strengthen the roots of the grass plant but also the plant itself. Lawn aerating can also help you when it is time to oversee or fertilize your lawn. It can help the nutrients in the fertilizer get down to the roots where they need to go and they can also provide a place for the grass seed to germinate where it is dark and moist.