How Difficult Is It To Get The Thatch Out Of Your Lawn?

If you have never had a chance to thatch your lawn before, you may have a build up of a lot of dead grasses in your lawn. Over time, a lot of grasses shoot out rhizomes and stolons over the surface. These rhizomes and stolons build up and eventually, the ones on top all die out, but they are still in your lawn. In addition, some lawns develop lots and lots of moss over the winter. In order to get rid of these dead rhizomes and stolons, you are going to need to de-thatch your lawn.

There are essentially two ways to dethatch a lawn. The first one is with a thatch rake or a dethatching rake.  This is a count tool that you can use to essentially scrape the top of your soil and remove the thatch. It is a long and time-consuming process if you do it by hand. Not only do you have to rake everything out, but you also have to break it up and then throw it away.  The process is much easier when you get rid of that when using a power rake. A power rake is a gas powered rake that actually beats the surface of your soil and removes the thatch mechanically. It is essentially the exact same thing when you try to do it by hand but only a whole lot faster. A thatch rake has about 15 to 20 blades on it, a power rake has around 120. In addition, you can probably only pull the thatch rake through your lawn about 15 or 20 times per minute. A power rake rotates at about 400 times per minute and each time that it rotates, it has two sets of blades on either side of the machine that beneath the surface of the soil.

The end result is that you get the job done much faster and more effectively when you use a power Rake.