Hardwood Door Types – Choosing Hardwood Doors

One of the most popular types of doors currently being selected by many homeowners are wooden doors but this may not be appropriate for all kinds of doors such as fireplace doors. The reason why most choose wooden doors is because of the beautiful natural look they bring to a home, and the wide selection of choices and styles associated with wood available on the market. This is also true with widows and plantation shutters.  A hardwood door can come in many different types of wood, and can also be built in many different styles. You may look for doors that have frosted window film which is very good to look at. Here is a short guide on what type of woods and styles are normally associated with this type of door.

The first decision customers have to make is what type of wood they want their door to be made out of. Many people will choose a wood like mahogany, because of the dark and rich color. Woods like alder, ash, and birch are going to be much lighter in color. Other very popular choices include cherry, pine, teak, oak, walnut, and maple. All of these woods bring some unique characteristics, such as strength, durability, and color, so talking to a professional is very important before deciding on the wood type. When selecting the wood type for your new doors also give some consideration to the door frames. You may want to replace both to ensure doors and frames are matching. For patio doors, you also have to consider your patio door lock. Don’t just think aesthetically but also think about security. Make sure that aside from the door being good-looking and durable even with patio door window treatments, the patio door lock should be secured.

When shopping for hardwood doors.

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Once the type of wood is selected, there are different styles of wood doors to pick from. Panel doors are wood doors that are made up of a number of layers of wood panel. This type of door has a grooved frame that is fitted with panels of wood, which can be anything ranging from pine and oak to mahogany. A four-panel door is most common and cost effective.

Flush doors are wood doors made of thin sheets of hardwood veneer over a solid core of wood. The veneer of this door helps to protect the wood underneath, protecting it from warping and rotting. Other types of wood doors are going to include hollow core doors, which is a framed door covered with a thin veneer, and custom doors made from one solid piece of hardwood are also available. Picking the right type is a matter of looking at all of the details, and picking the door that fits all of your needs.

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