Glass Shower Door Options

When designing a modern bathroom, you must not only consider the color scheme and the type of plumbing fixtures that you choose. You should also budget a considerable amount of money and effort towards selecting the right shower door options. Most of us grew up with a standard bathtub and shower combination, replete with a vinyl shower curtain. Unfortunately, the over all look is not the most sleek or attractive. Your shower can be functional as well as look high-end.

Shower Enclosures

Before you choose shower doors, contemplate your shower enclosure options. Showers can be enclosed with typical molded fiberglass areas, or stone, or glass. Which material appeals to you the most? Do you want privacy, or do you want to showcase your excellent taste in choosing the most luxurious of shower materials? This decision will affect the type of shower doors that you end up with for your bathroom design.

When looking for glass doors.

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Shower Doors

Shower doors are typically made of glass. The most space efficient and practical option is to install a bi fold glass shower door. They require half the floor space than a regular shower door, because they do not need a full door swing in which to open into your bathroom. That space can be preserved, or you can use it for other purposes.

If you prefer a more modern look, then consider installing frameless shower doors. Without the metal frame, you can see through your shower area without any visual obstructions, thus making the space feel that much larger. On top of that, frameless showers are easier to clean, since you aren’t digging around all of the frame elements and connections.

Think carefully about how you can enclose your shower and what type of door you should use to create the sexiest and most modern bathroom that is possible.