Rustic Wall Sconces

If you love the idea of bringing a little bit of the outside indoors, or simply love cottage or country lifestyle, the chances are you are attracted to traditional house redecorating. While it’s fairly simple to locate all sorts of rustic furniture, lighting can be more difficult. Luckily though, you will find a wide variety of ways for rustic decor, and rustic wall sconces really are a great alternative.

So what exactly are rustic wall sconces?

Fundamentally, they look like a regular outdoor sconce that seem to be rougher than your usual fancy wall lighting, or are made from natural materials, plus they are often enhanced with natural motifs. Typically, they appear more at home in a cottage than in an ultra-modern downtown condo. Instead of shiny brass or modern shapes, they appear a tad bit more used and at ease.

Realize the beauty of using rustic wall sconces.

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Wrought iron rustic wall sconces are extremely popular, and they go along with all sorts of furniture. You can utilize it indoors in any room, or outside the house specifically if you have wrought iron patio furniture. Wrought iron rustic wall sconces go very well with French Country decor. Many wrought iron sconces are decorated with cut out designs in natural motifs, like leaves or ivy.

Rustic wall sconces in a Silver finish look good as well.

These are made with cast Aluminum, and a Silver finish is applied. The finish may be shiny, or it may be intentionally antiqued so it appears to be an antique or hand-me-down lantern. Occasionally, the finish was created to look really old with a verdigris finish, making the lantern seem like it’s aged over decades. The lantern might use glass or faux alabaster to produce a warm, homey ambiance when you add a light bulb or candles.

Rustic wall sconces in burnished Bronze with White glass are perfect for porches, living spaces, bedrooms or hallways in the rustic property. The aged look combined with the warmth of the White glass, lit from inside, creates a very cozy warm ambiance.

If you love the style of real wood, you’ll find rustic wall sconces with wooden frames. Some may have glass, or even a type of paper enclosing the source of light. These are perfect if you really love bringing organic elements in to your home. For those who have lots of wood, then wood rustic wall sconces will set your room off completely.

The key to using rustic wall sconces is by using them in twos. You don’t want to just hang one within an area, as they often look strange and out of balance unless of course they have a partner. A good way to use sconces should be to hang one on either sides of a mirror, or to hang them in sets along a hallway. Two sconces over your bed not only offer a good source of light for bedtime reading, but also anchor your bed in the room and help your bed be much more of a centerpiece.

One other good place to put them is about the front deck, where a set of rustic wall sconces welcomes visitors to your house with an inviting, homey ambiance.

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