General Sizes of Refrigerators

Refrigerators vary in sizes (check these refrigerator reviews for best options), but they may be classified into the following:

  1. Compact or Mini refrigerators. These are great space optimizers since their small dimensions allow them to fit in small areas like nooks and corners. In the kitchen household, the most common compact refrigerator used is the under counter refrigerator which is usually located beneath the kitchen counter or bar. These refrigerators are most preferred by college students staying in campus dormitories too since they don’t take up too much space in an already cramped area.

Compact refrigerators may be used for outdoor purposes too. They are preferred by many campers as car fridges since their mini dimensions allow portability. They can also be easily fitted in RVs and Trailers.

  1. Standard Sized Refrigerators. This is the type of refrigerator that you would find in most average households. These fridge-freezer units are ideal for small to mid-sized families since they can hold most of the family’s food and beverages. However, these refrigerators have smaller freezer compartments which may not be enough to hold all the frozen items that you want.

Standard sized refrigerators are free standing outright refrigerators which are made taller and slimmer as to not occupy too much space in the kitchen.

  1. Large Sized Refrigerators. For large families, standard sized refrigerators may not be enough so they might want to invest in larger sized refrigerators such side by side units. These models have double doors and the freezer compartment is as large as the fridge compartment of the unit. Aside from side by side refrigerators, consumers may opt for top refrigerator-bottom freezer units too, since they are wider and have larger compartments. The bottom freezer makes frozen items much more accessible as well.

These are but the general sizes of refrigerators since there are many other units such as refrigerators with French doors, Built-in refrigerators and Cabinet-Depth refrigerators that are available to the consumers. For more accurate dimensions of each model and unit, consumers should check out the refrigerator size guide provided by each brand or company.