Garden Hose Reels On The Cheap

Gardening is a wonderful hobby, and to some it is even a business. But to most of the rest of us, it is something we do to relax, while cultivating our own creation into a thing of beauty. As with anything hobby related, money is definitely an object, and that goes for us gardeners too.  Good quality tools and equipment do not come for free, and their purchase can amount to quite an expense – on top of the money spent to buy interesting types of vegetation for the garden. Quality is important in many cases, and I certainly would not suggest you choose the very cheapest when it comes to much used and abused tools and equipments like garden carts, garden urnsgarden netting, spades, rakes and shovels, as good ones will last a lifetime, while the cheap stuff will not. But there are some things that can be had cheap, while still getting decent quality.

Why is garden hose reels important?

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A good example hereof, is garden hose reels. These are pieces of equipment of no little importance, as they serve to store and protect your garden hose. A garden hose reel cart can be a great way to add portability to the equation, which can be good if you have a large garden or just want to easily put the garden hose away in the darkest recesses of the garden shed when you are not using it. If you don’t need that, there is still the good old wall mounted garden hose reel – nothing wrong with that either. The point is though, that as important as it may be, it very often is not very expensive to get hold of. Well, why should it be? It is really just a simple object – the cheaper ones being made of impact resistant plastic, like polycarbonate. Nothing fancy or advanced in that, but it still may last you a long time, if you don’t throw it around too much on hard surfaces or stand on it, or run it over with the lawnmower. Long story short – you can get a good hose reel for way under 50$, so why pay more?

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