Garden Carts Or Wheelbarrows? How To Choose One

Once you realize that you just can’t live without having dirt under your fingernails for the rest of your life, you realize that you must do something to help save your body and your back from the ravages of gardening. This hobby is one that you will want to enjoy for years. If you are constantly stooping and bending, hauling and loading, you will eventually feel the effects. While there is nothing that can make the physicality of gardening disappear – after all, that’s part of the enjoyment of it – there are tools that can help you enjoy it with more comfort. Traditionally, we use garden hose, garden urns, rakes, shovels, etc.  Considered one of the most important ‘tool’ is the garden cart.

A garden utility cart is nothing more than a useful piece of equipment that can help you load your gardening tools, potting soil and other necessities in and transport around your garden space. There are a few different models which we’ll discuss here, but let’s take on this issue of the cart versus wheelbarrow issue first. While you certainly can use a wheelbarrow for the same reasons you would use a cart, a wheelbarrow is more for larger loads and is a bit more bulky to move around.

Garden carts and wheelbarrows help a lot in the garden.

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Because of their size and features, garden carts are much more nimble and lighter. They can also be maneuvered around your space with greater ease. However, typically a wheelbarrow can handle a much heavier load. The average cart has a capacity of around 200 pounds. Now, that is mostly for a two wheel style.

There are both two wheel and four wheel garden carts. The four wheel models can hold much greater loads but then lose some of that maneuverability as the two wheel version. But, the four wheel models can have a load capacity of up to 600 pounds. This is quite a bit more than the smaller carts and still make it easier than using a more formal wheelbarrow.

A two wheel cart might sell for around $50 USD. Larger carts can be upwards of $150 USD. Finding the right type of garden cart for your particular needs shouldn’t be difficult. Many local home improvement warehouses and even gardening centers of large home goods retailers have certain models available. Also,  you may want to have some more comfort through adjustable beds because after a long day of work in the garden, your body needs a good rest. For good products,  you can always browse from where you’re sitting right now, too.

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