Futon Bed Covers: Protecting Your Investment

Futon sofas are one of the most popular sofa styles in the United States because of the versatility they offer. They are popular amongst college students and other young adults because they can double for a bed when in a pinch, but also because the minimal design is appealing. If you own a futon, you may be wondering what products are available to protect the cushion and keep it safe from spills, tears, or other wear.

The most common futon bed covers are created from heavy cotton and serve the purpose of keeping the futon mattress clean, though they are not entirely repellent for spills. Cotton futon covers tend to be inexpensive and feature many different designs. If you own a faux seude futon you want to keep safe from spills while maintaining the original color, a heavy cotton cover is a good idea.

A more expensive option is a leather cover for a futon. These offer total protection from spills, though tears can still occur. This is a great option if you have small children and want to protect your sofa, as accidents can be prevented and leather is easy to clean up. Most futon covers fashioned out of leather can cost around $75 and up, depending on the size of your futon and whether you are purchasing real leather or faux leather. A leather corner sofa or leather futon mattress covers tend to be available in black, white, and grey, but faux leather covers are available in more off-beat colors such as purple and blue.

Before you decide on a cover, you will need to know the exact measurements of your futon in order to get a securely fitting cover. Most covers are designed with four straps at each end that hook over the back of the mattress when it is stretched out so when it is moved, the cover does not come off. Purchasing a cover that is too large for your futon could cause it to slip, meaning you will have to constantly readjust it, making it more trouble than it is worth.

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