Four Little Known Facts About The Backpack Vacuum

Backpack vacuums are almost a standard item for commercial cleaning companies, but the average home user has most likely never heard of one or considered buying one. If your home is over 1,000 square feet then you need to know these four facts about backpack vacuums.

1. Backpack vacuums are lightweight. Most of them weigh at or under ten pounds. Most backpacks that our kids wear to school weigh ten pounds or more, so that is really not much weight at all.

2. Backpack vacuum cleaners are affordable. You can get a very good one for about $225 on! If you have carpets in your home that have some depth to the pile, then you may want to spend a little bit more and get a carpet rotary brush tool. Otherwise, if you mostly have non-pile carpet and floors, the standard back pack vacuum is fine for you. This could be a great tool if you want your questions about how to get rid of mold be answered.

The advantages of using a backpack vacuum.

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3. Eco friendly: Backpack vacuums are the green way to carpet and tile or grout cleaning! You can use them to clean just about any surface, without sprays, powers and other chemicals. When you vacuum surfaces regularly, the dirt doesn’t accumulate and turn into grime. Stop dusting and start vacuuming. The only throw-away product is a paper bag that will decompose.

4. Ergonomic means that it is designed to fit the worker and the job for maximum efficiency. Backpack vacuums fit that criteria, since they put the weight of the vacuum on your back where you can carry it most efficiently, and free up your hands to vacuum and dust, move furniture and items, etc. You can speed-clean your entire house in far less time using a backpack vacuum.

These four facts about the backpack vacuum make it clear that even an average homeowner can use one to efficiently and thoroughly clean a house in less time and for less money than you ever thought possible.

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