Four Great Outdoor String Lighting Options For Your Outdoor Functions

Over the past few years, string lights have become one of the most sought after outdoor lighting preferences mainly due to flexibility in its applications and use. Mostly utilized for garden parties and outside events, they set the atmosphere and theme while spicing up the household.

While most people thought that food, music and drink commonly create the mood at social events, its actually outdoor string lighting that sets the stage for an outside function where adults and children all get a thrill from the colorful glow that the lights disperse. Although they are available in various sizes, colors and forms, the type of lighting you choose depend on the motif, place and budget of the host.

Yet, when selecting the lighting for your yard, you must ensure that the string lights were absolutely designed to be used outdoors. This would mean that they are durable and can withstand the hostile weather conditions like rain, snow and sun. Here are four great outdoor string lighting options that you can choose for your outside functions.

Outdoor string lighting is a great option especially during special occasions.

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1. Incandescent Light – These are inexpensive conventional lights that are commonly used to decorate houses and trees during holidays. However, this light have its downsides. If used for longer periods or if installed improperly, it tend to become hot. Thus, posing as a fire hazard. Also, the bulb require frequent replacements due to its short life span.

2. LED Lights – The most popular choice nowadays for outdoor lighting aternatives. It consume about 75% less energy as compared to incandescent lights and emit very little heat, significantly reducing the risk of a fire. Likewise, it has long life span.

3. Solar-Powered Lights – LED lights can also be hooked up to a solar panel to transform them into solar-powered lights. In this process, the string lights used the least amount of energy because they use sunlight as their energy source. They switch on automatically when it becomes dark outside, and switch off once daylight dawns again.

4. Marine Rope Lights – As the name connotes, these lights are mainly used in sail boats. They are composed of transparent rubber tubing that encases continuous strings of lights. Due to the tubing, the lights are completely protected from the elements, making them great for outdoor string lightings.