Five Walled Walk In Shower Enclosures

Typical walk in shower enclosures stick to a shape that is roughly analogous to a rectangular prism, which has four sides and a top and bottom of equal proportions. The reason for this is that equal proportions are seen as aesthetically pleasing. This is a very good reason, since equal proportions have been historically one of the most valued features of human beauty. That his principle is adhered to in the field of bathroom design is not surprising; something of good proportions is objectively superior in beauty to something of irregular proportions, which is scientifically ugly.

However, though most walk-in showers, or more specifically, their designs do indeed adhere to these worthy and valuable principles there are some that do not. For the most part these showers are abhorrently shaped and designed, evoking thoughts of total chaos, so hideous are they. These showers are quite ugly, betraying the designers stunning lack of empathy and concern for the welfare of any people who might have to view the shower, and cringe in hatred, or anyone who must use it, who may find that showering in such an inherently ugly structure is more stressful than it should be.

Walk in shower enclosures are great for your bathroom.

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It is possible to tear away from the strictures of the rectangular prism, but if you are doing so you must at least adhere to a design principle similar to that of the rectangular prism, respecting always the laws of proportion that must necessarily govern the creation of such a structure. These are laws which keep the eyes of people trained well, so you would do best to stick to them. The five sided prism is one of them, having a five sided shape when viewed from on top which can still have a certain beauty, though not one equal to that of the rectangular design.

It is pretty clear that unless you at the very least adhere to basic laws of proportion, not only will you fail from an aesthetic perspective, but your poorly constructed mess of a shower will likely fall apart. This is not desirable result so you should always, always follow the traditional forms. They are traditional for a good reason, you know.