Fitting A Shower Unit

Fitting you own shower unit can save you a lot of cash on tradesman bills, and is not as complicated as you might think. A bit of planning and the right tools and accessories should help make the process run smoothly. Many people are dumping the traditional bath tub or corner bath in favour of a shower unit because they use less water, therefore reducing your water bills each month. The first step in the installing is to check the main header tank. This is usually found in the loft, and should be elevated on a platform.

The new breed of power showers require a lot of water pressure, so you need to know how much pressure you already have available. If more is needed you can simply raise the height of the platform, or you can buy an extra pump to create pressure. They are not that expensive and you can get them from places like the argos catalogue. Once you know the water pressure needed you can then begin the fit the shower unit. If fitting over an existing bath tub you will need to attach the control unit to the wall. These units control the water flow and the temperature, and there are many different types.

Installing a shower unit.

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The most basic are the one’s that fit over the taps, and run up to a head unit. They are very cheap, but don’t give much pressure, and you have to bend down to control the flow and temperature. The best types are the one’s that can be controlled on the wall. These have a thermostat which gives an even water temperature, and a consistent flow. Fed from the main hot water tank, they also have more pressure when other taps in the house are turned on. Stainless steel is the best material to get as it will last longer, and still look clean after continued use. Remember to clean the head regularly to prevent algae building up around the nozzles.

You may decide to go for an enclosed shower unit, which typically has sliding doors or panels to prevent water from spilling out on the bathroom floor. With a large variety of units out there, it is not too difficult to match one to your existing bathroom décor. You can pick a unit up from home style stores like littlewoods direct, who have a huge range of the latest styles and designs. Glass panel doors are the most expensive, but plastic alternatives are getting better each year. To top off the look you can go for gold plated taps, which go well with darker coloured bathroom décor.

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