Finding The Perfect Color Is Half The Fun Of Unfinished Hardwood Flooring

The only thing better than having your new hardwood floors installed is doing it yourself.  Of course, that is no small order but it can be done.  However, you have to be very careful, and take it one-step at a time.  If you take your time and complete each step correctly, you will soon have a wonderful hardwood floor that you can be proud to walk on.  It all starts with the purchase of your flooring. Check the Sub Floor Unfinished hardwood flooring can be found on the internet at a relatively inexpensive price.  In fact, unfinished hardwood flooring wholesale websites are in abundance on the Internet.

First, ascertain the condition of your sub flooring, if you have one, to determine if it can be used.  If your sub flooring is no good, you can use the prefabricated hardwood planks, called engineered hardwood or even laminate hardwood.  However, most people would not even consider this an option unless it is a rental unit. Floating or Nailed If your sub flooring is bad, you may want to install a sub floor so that you can lay your tongue and groove planks over the top, otherwise, you will have to nail the entire floor down, which is great but is a lot more time and money.  You can see all of the products mentioned when you look for unfinished or hand scraped hardwood flooring for sale on the Internet.  It is the most fun that you can have while doing something constructive.

Choosing unfinished hardwood flooring helps people save money.

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Finding That Perfect Stained Color-Tone
You can save yourself a big step or two by purchasing the finished hardwood planks, however, the wholesale unfinished hardwood flooring is so much more fun because you get to sand it down and stain it yourself, finding that perfect color-tone that is hard to find in a pre-finished hardwood floor.  Do not get me wrong; they do have some beautiful finishes, but it is not the same as if you stain it to that perfect shade for yourself.