Expand Your Closet With Canvas Storage

It’s rare to find that your closet has too much room in it. There might be what a builder considered extra space, which instead ends up being a kind of unusable “dead zone”. Or we sometimes try to make our closet seem larger by adding short hangar bars here and there and labeling shelves.  But still the closet doesn’t quite hold all we need. What is the answer to this predicament? Canvas storage.


Often, a closet will have a high shelf, but trying to keep things organized on that shelf is nearly impossible.  If you use the shelf for out-of-season clothing, and blankets during the summertime, for instance, you end up with a couple of items hogging all the space.  Then, when you try to pull an item from the shelf, look out—it’s avalanche time!

Organizing your thing with canvass storage.

flickr by libertyclosetsystems

If you put things in canvas storage bins, making sure to label the bins plainly, so you know what is in each one, you can reach for what you want, get it, and put the bin back.  No problem. If the shelf is high, you might want to invest in a small step ladder or a “grabber”, a long clamping tool, used for reaching things which are in high places.

On the Floor

A lot of space gets wasted in a closet from the bottom of the clothes to the floor.  Canvas or plastic storage boxes made to sit on the floor can make use of this space.  Hats, shoes, bed linens…many things can be stored in this previously unused area.

On the wall or door

Some canvas storage units are made to hang from hangars.  You can stick hooks to the walls of your closet, hang a hangar on the hook, and hang a canvas storage unit from the hangar.  Other canvas storage units are made with hooks, to hang over doors.  The doors still open and close.  Now, though, you are using the door space to store items. These hanging units come in all shapes and sizes, with one shelf or 10 shelves.  They’re great for shoes, handbags, or anything else which you might want to keep in an easily accessible spot. They also come in several different colors, so you can match them to your color scheme.

Canvas storage units are available at many different types of stores, from discount supermarkets to crafts stores, to online.  They are very affordable.  They are easy to use, and make even a small closet suddenly seem a lot roomier.