Escape A Boring Cityscape With Glow In The Dark Spray Paint

Many children’s room ideas will have a multitude of different types of city-scapes within their room idea. Some boys rooms can have an elaborate futuristic digital world like in a superhero style room idea or a cute princess castle and city for a girls room. If you would like to take your room to a higher level it is as easy as using a combination of glow in the dark spray paint and normal glow in the dark paint. So lets get started on achieving that higher level of room design.

Painting your city in your room idea in usually the very last step of the room design. Once painting the base color on the walls and before you start your city is when you will add the glow in the dark spray paint. First you must decide where the horizon of your city will approximately be. Once you have determined where the very tops of your buildings will be you can start adding the glow in the dark spray paint. In my years of experience I have found what works best is to hold the spray can about 8 to 10 inches away from the wall surface and apply a light but even coat that runs the entire length of the city-scape. You want the paint to start approximately half way up the buildings to around 6 to 10 inches above the very tops of  your buildings. Depending on how big or small you plan your buildings to be. Once the paint has completely dried you can add your city-scape. Do not wait until afterwards to add the glow in the dark spray paint. Paint over the glow in the dark paint to relieve you from having to tape off your city.

After you have painted your city you can use normal glow in the dark paint to paint the windows and doors in your buildings to create a fun nighttime look to your city. Glow in the dark paint and glow in the dark spray paint can add a fun and exciting aspect to your kids room paint ideas.