Erradicating Fleas In Your Home With Flea Bombs

Flea erradication in your home may not be a fun job, but it can be done if you are persistent.  Fleas are resilient and spread rapidly.  And they do not stay just on your pet, they can get in to the carpet and furniture too.

Fleas go through four stages within their life cycle.  In the first cocoon stage, they can live for over a year without feeding.  If they survive this stage, then they can come back and start reproducing by the thousands.  It is extremely important that the steps you take to eliminate fleas needs to be done on a fairly regular basis, so you can be sure this cycle does not continue.

A good option to fight the fleas is a flea fogger or as some may call it a flea bomb.  This option is good when you can leave your home for a few hours.  These are helpful in helping to rid fleas for approximately four months.  Follow up treatments should be continued on a regular basis as fleas can be there even if you cannot see them right away.

Using flea bombs to get rid of fleas.

flickr by PandaBob

If you are not familiar with foggers, they are fairly easy to use.  You should not use more than one fogger or flea bomb per room. You should turn off all the fans,  air conditioners, as well as closing all windows.  Make sure to follow all other specific directions to ensure proper precautions for the home, individuals, and all pets.

One thing not to forget is before setting off a bomb, to remove all animals from the house.  Any pets that need to be treated for fleas should be done so as directed by a vet at this time before returning them into the home.

It should also be noted that when treating the home, to treat the entire indoor footage of your garages, building additions, and dog house if you have one.  You should also treat your yard.  Maybe not your whole yard, but try and focus on the areas where your dog frequents most like the areas up around your house, as well as along the fence and in and around the kennel.

Do your research and see which way suits your needs to erradicate fleas from your home.  You, as well as your dog, will be happy with the results you will receive by doing so.