Easy Ideas For Covering Tub Chairs

Furniture can transform a room into sheer elegance or a comfortable casual hang out. One of the easiest types of seating to use is the tub chair because it is both very versatile and comfortable. This style of chair is designed and constructed to have a curved or rounded back and at times it even has a round seat. The seat is made from padded foam and fabric covered. More often than not, this padded cushion is separate from the actual seat. Some of the time, an ottoman is also covered in matching fabric and sold as a set. The ottoman tends to make sitting in a tub chair a more pleasurable experience.

A fabric tub chair can be reupholstered with any cotton, polyester, velvet or ticking material. Elegant formal styles usually trim the edges with rope or brass finishing studs. The arched design of the chair allows the seat to rest lower adding comfort and coziness. Armrests on either side of the chair are curvatures toward center of the seat. The comfortableness of the chair is able to handle a board meeting or an afternoon watching the game. The ottomans that come with the set is also curved in a semi circle accenting the chair.

tub chairsTub chairs can be built with a wooden frame or prefabricated plastic. The molded plastic gives a contemporary retro feel to the chair. These chairs might work well in a trendy saloon setting. The style is found in mostly white and sports a removable seat cushion. A swivel style is also available to allow the chair to me movable. The design is reminiscent of an over stuffed stool. For a more formal setting, leather upholstered tub chairs add a touch of distinction to any area they are displayed. A black, white or red tub chair upholstered in leather is a popular choice for the home because it easily complements many different d├ęcor schemes.

The Tub style has gone beyond just the one-seater chair and offers some two seaters and sofa designs. This selection of furniture is often sold as a set containing both a chair and a sofa. These sets make great additions to any home or office and offer lasting comfort. Each piece is a fine crafted piece of furniture that is durable, elegant and practical for any decor. From the formal dining room to the leisure activities of the family room, tub chairs are made to fit in just right.