Different Options For Patio Covers

When purchasing a patio cover to protect your patio from inclement weather, you have many choices.  The most basic choice you have to make is whether you should install a permanent cover or use a removable cover.

Permanent covers include arbors, gazebos, and pergolas.  These are all structures that would be expensive to build but would do a great job of blending into your patio and improving its looks, something that many people worry about when deciding whether or not a patio cover and patio door window treatments are right for them.

Removable covers include patio umbrellas, fabric canopies, and retractable awnings.  Canopies are often the best aesthetically investment of these options because they come in an array of designs and can be sized to fit your patio’s shape and dimensions.  They may also come with side panels that could be utilized when it is raining or very windy for added protection.  A patio umbrella is generally your least expensive option, but it may not fit your entire patio.  Retractable awnings vary in size and protect very well from the sun.  However, they are attached to one side of your house and do not have side panels to keep rain from blowing onto your patio.  They are very easy to retract when not in use, however, making them easier to use than canopies in most situations.

The best design for patio covers.

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When shopping for a patio cover, you will also have a choice of the type of material used.  Most covers are made of either wood, aluminum, or vinyl.  Wood is generally considered to be better looking than aluminum, but it is prone to rotting over time if exposed to a lot of rain.  Wood covers also require more maintenance and are more pricey to install.  Aluminum appears to some as cheap-looking, but it is better at withstanding the elements compared to wood.  I recommend picking the material that best fits with your house so your cover blends well.

You will also encounter a wide range of styles and colors of patio covers when shopping.  It is just like choosing the king bed sheets or covers for your futon bed and patio furniture cushions, there are many designs you can choose from. You should pick a design that matches your house well that is made of quality materials that you can expect to withstand a great variety of weather.  It is up to you if style is more or less important than amount of space covered and overall ease of use.  Know that regardless of your purchase, you are making a smart investment by installing a patio cover that will improve your patio’s life span as well as your quality of life.

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