Different Garden Pond Pumps

Nothing provides the tranquil calm inside of a garden quite like a beautiful pond waterfall or stream. Before one can acquire this look in their own garden, there are a few purchases that they need to make. One of the most important of these purchases being a garden pond pump. Garden pond pumps are necessary if one wishes to move the water inside of a pond. Some examples of moving water in your pond are waterfalls, fountains, and ornaments that emit water. Another source of flowing water that one might not recognize as requiring a pump is a stream. The direction of the flow of water and how rapidly it will be moving is determined by the pump itself.

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a garden pond pump. One needs to know the size and model. Before knowing what size pump to get one will need to know how much water is going to be moved inside of the pond. Smaller sized pumps are sized by GPH or gallons per hour output at one foot of height or lift while larger pumps are sized using hp or horsepower. The larger sized pumps are found in very large ponds that will require large volumes of water to be moved, especially if there are large fountains or reverse running streams in the vicinity. You can check out good products in many home improvement stores in your area and you can see these items along with garden carts, garden hose reel, garden netting, garden urns and some tools.

It also needs to be considered if the pump is going to be a submersible or external. Submersible pumps are pumps that can be used while stored inside of the water while external pumps are used only outside of the water and can cause electric shock if they are submersed in water. For ponds that are small a submersible pump is the best way to go considering the upkeep involved and the economical price. They are also well known for being much quieter than an external garden pond pump because the water reduces and absorbs the sounds of the vibrations it creates under the water. In addition, they have a feature that can help one drain their pond should it be necessary.

External pump sources are usually used for larger ponds and bodies of water requiring large amounts of force to be moved. They can be quite noisy because they have bigger internal engines inside of them and since they cannot be submersed they do not have the benefit of being surrounded by water to muffle their loud motors. These pumps tend to be too commercial for most back garden pond owners.

Making your own garden pond getaway is not as hard as one would imagine and with a little planning anyone can have a beautiful quiet retreat at their very own home. Good luck with yours!

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