Decorating Tools For The Breakfast Nook

As an amateur interior designer, you learn that there are certain elements within every room that can be used for decorating purposes. These items are often utilitarian things that serve another primary purpose. The breakfast nook is the perfect room for this kind of decorating because it is not very large and there is not room for knick knacks or table top decorations. In addition, there are often windows on more than one wall so there is no pallet for wall hangings or decorations. Instead, you can use things like place mats, chair cushions, window treatments, and furniture to do the decorating for you.

Whether you have picked breakfast furniture like bistro table and chairs, you will want to make the seats more comfortable with cushions. Breakfast nook cushions can provide much more than comfort, though if you take the time to pick the right ones. Since there is no room for art or other decorations, you need to bring color to the room some other way. The breakfast seating cushions should be chosen based on the color schemes of the rest of the kitchen. For example, if your countertops have a hint of green in them which you play on with a few accent tiles in your backsplash, you can also choose cushions that are a similar green to keep the color scheme going.

Look for decors that would make your breakfast nook a perfect place.

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Window treatments for breakfast nooks are probably the best way to do some decorating. You should choose colors based on the style and colors in your kitchen. In addition, an important part of decorating is keeping the lines even. You should try to make the top of your window treatments, whether that be a curtain rod or a valance box, even with the top of the cabinets in your kitchen. That consistency will tie the two rooms together nicely. Also, if your kitchen has a country feel then you can pick fabrics that will compliment that style. You can do something similar for modern kitchens.

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