Clear Out Your Garage With Garage Cabinets

You would be surprised how many home-owners have got massive garage chock full of junk they have collected over the years, and they never seem to think about the simplest solution to the problem, installing garage cabinets. These are going to allow you to deal with the issues that currently make your garage pretty much unusable. The great thing about using these cabinets to help clear out your garage is that they come in all different sizes, styles and configurations so you will be able to buy exactly what you need. You can buy sets that have cabinets, drawers or shelves, or even a mixture of all of these things. These cabinets are available in a number of different materials, from really simple plastic storage bins, to metal or wooden cabinets that take up entire walls. This is going to let you store things like sports equipment, out of season clothes, gardening tools and so on. There are also cabinets available for storing hazardous chemicals such as paints, oils, thinners, gasoline and so on, increasing the safety of your home.

There are different sorts of garage cabinets available in he market.

flickr by ACustomGarage

However, before you head out to buy garage cabinets you are going to need to have a plan. First of all you are going to need to work out what you are going to keep and what is junk, either throw that junk in the trash or try and sell it at a yard sale. Next you need to arrange everything in categories, for example, sports equipment, garden tools, car tools and so on, then put it all in boxes. Now measure how much area all of these boxes take up, add about 30% on to the total area and this is how much space you need inside your cabinets, the extra 30% is to allow you to store more things in future. Then you should give materials some thought. In most cases wood will be the cheaper option and it will give the space a nice natural look. Because the cabinets are in your garage which should be dry you should not have too many issues with wood rot and insects making homes inside the cabinets.