Chosing An Air Conditioning Unit For Your Home

An air conditioner works by taking heat from inside your home and rejecting it outside by way of refrigerant.  Outside your home is the condenser, which rejects the heat from the refrigerant by using a fan.  The condenser usually rejects heat by blowing air, but it can also reject heat by using water.

Inside your home is the evaporator, which is where the refrigerant absorbs the heat from your home.  The evaporator consists of a fan and a heat exchanger.  The heat exchanger contains the cool refrigerant that is in liquid form and at a lower temperature than room temperature.  The evaporator cools the room air by passing warm air from the room through the heat exchanger, which cools it, and blows it into the room.

Most homes use either a central air conditioning unit or a window air conditioning unit. Central air conditioning units provide much better air distribution since the cool air can be arranged to be supplied from anywhere inside a house.  Air is supplied through sheet metal ducts and exits through diffusers that can be placed wherever they are needed.

Central systems are also more energy efficient than window air conditioners.  Although they may initially cost more, central units will provide you with lower electricity bills for the same cooling capacity.  You can find energy efficient central air conditioners for your home using the Energy Star website.  They list air conditioning manufacturers, models, and their energy consumption for a given capacity.

Window air conditioning units cost much less than central units, but several of them are required to air condition a home.  They consume so much energy in comparison to central units that they are not worth it in the long run.  In addition, they require more maintenance than a central unit since a person would use about five of these to air condition a house versus just one central unit.  Still, they do cost less than central units, and if you are interested in buying one, you can check out which brands and models are the most energy efficient by going to the Energy Star website.

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