Choosing The Right Patio Tiles

Tiles have been used for numerous purposes for centuries, and these purposes remain the same even though modern technology has evolved the production and design of them dramatically. Modern tiles have similarities to stone as their production consists of numerous substances with the same characteristics. Deck tiles or tiles for a patio are generally made from slate, granite, marble, natural stone or ceramic, and are available in various designs and styles.

Patio Tiles – Making the Best Choice

Ceramic tiles have increased in popularity when being used for patios, but they can receive more damage than stone or marble tiles if there is a high level of foot traffic in the tiled area. Today’s quality tiles are tougher than those in previous years, as modern sealants harden them and enable them to handle extreme changes in temperature. Weaker or lower quality tiles however, are unable to withstand the damage caused by extreme temperatures, regardless of the sealant used.

Choosing the best patio tiles.

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If you are thinking about a new patio construction, thought should be given to the choosing the tiles most suitable for the position of the patio. Colder climates can chip or crack some tiling materials, so choosing a tile which has been kiln fired would be the better option in this type of climate.

Another popular ceramic tile alternative is a brick paver. Constructed from solid brick these tiles are not as fragile as the ceramic option and can withstand most impacts, although care should still be taken to avoid any unnecessary rough or damaging handling.

Outdoor Carpet Tiles

Homeowners wanting to achieve the feel and look of carpet outdoors can use outdoor carpet tiles. These are available in numerous colors and are easy to install, long-lasting and simple to maintain.


The patios location should be taken into consideration, especially if new tiles are to be installed close to a swimming pool, hot tub or other potentially slippery area. For possible injuries and accidents to be avoided, high friction or rough surface tiles should always be used.