Choosing Gazebo Chandeliers

Outdoor spaces are special to all of us. With summer time in full bloom everyone loves to move outside and enjoy the sunny days and warm nights. Spaces of the home that get lots of attention this time of the year are porches, decks, dining patios, and gazebos. Lighting plays an important role in making these areas match the home’s exterior design and also making these areas more usable after dark.

The first thing to remember when looking for lighting for any of these areas is that they need lighting that is suitable for wet or damp locations. Interior lighting is not suitable and should not be used. The risk of harm is too high. That is why specialty outdoor lighting is available– not just to rise the cost of a light fixture. The second thing to bare in mind is that even if an outdoor chandelier is UL approved for outdoor use, it still needs some shelter. It should not be placed where water can drain down onto it or where it is in direct contact with falling snow and rainstorms. A damp area means that it still has a roof overhead and is sheltered.

Using gazebo chandeliers adds style and uniqueness to your gazebos.

flickr by chrissandoval

For a gazebo the high pointed ceiling makes it a choice for an outdoor chandelier. If the gazebo is very wide then a table can be sat in the middle. This works perfectly for a chandelier to hang above. Chandeliers with longer chains built into them are easier to install. Then it can be suspended from either the peak or a support beam within the ceiling composition.

If the gazebo is on the smaller size, a traditional outdoor chandelier may not work as well. The a narrower composition may be a better choice. This can be found in some chandeliers. Another solution is the use of a hanging lantern. Some only offer one light, but others are made with three or four light bulbs built into them. This allows the same amount of light as a chandelier but takes up less space.

Shopping for gazebo chandeliers and other exterior lighting is often done both in a mortar and brick store and also on line. Seeing something in a photo may look attractive, but also getting to touch it and see it in person is a great advantage. It is often a combination of both that occurs before someone purchases it. Gazebos are special buildings that are much more used if properly lit.